What’s for dinner: Top 10 Kid Approved Recipes

What’s for dinner? These 3 words can make or break me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pandemic or not: the first three words out of my nine-year-old son’s mouth every single day are usually: “What’s for dinner.” And it’s more of a statement than a question. Weekday. Weekend. Holiday. Quarantine. Doesn’t matter. His little […]


What is Nutritional Therapy?

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How to Meal Plan in 5 Easy Steps

Meal planning

10 Immune System Boosting Foods for Fall

trust your gut

7 Gluten-Free Travel Tips

Living life

There are a few hash marks in my life timeline. The moments that create a hard line of “before” and “after.” Losing my dad is the deepest line. The whole year of 2020 will be another. But while these events imprinted a line of grief and sadness, figuring out my health and healing from gluten […]

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Gut Health

dance therapy

What day is it? Who am I? Oh wait, here’s my latest selfie: I’m a sloth. For real. (My hair looks kind of like hers at the roots these days, too.) My energy has been super low. I feel sloth-like. That could be from the raw emotion and chaos of the last few weeks? My […]

Dance Therapy: Meet Me at the Barre

Life and Mindfulness

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COVID and teens

There’s one important voice in our house, and together we touched on COVID and teens. Let it be said: No woman reading this right now would go back to being a fourteen-year-old girl in middle school. Am I right? Or am I right? Now imagine being a fourteen-year-old girl during something called “coronavirus” and a […]

COVID and Teens: This Just F-ing Sucks

Life and Mindfulness

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when should you go to ER

In addition to serving as an outlet for me, this blog has given me the opportunity to connect with my community on so many levels, including hearing the thoughts from a physician on when should you go to the ER with COVID. The stigma of getting COVID-19 dissipated as it became more prevalent. But with […]

When Should you go to the ER with COVID

Life and Mindfulness

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COVID Symptoms

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to give medical advice. It’s anecdotal and personal to our experience. I’ve provided links and resources where necessary for more information. Please call your physician if you suspect you have COVID symptoms.  Our COVID Symptoms About halfway through my husband’s illness, things took a sharp turn, and no matter […]

List of COVID Symptoms

Life and Mindfulness

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public reaction to COVID

When I wrote this blog, the public reaction to COVID was mostly an outpouring of responses saying I was “brave” for sharing. Brave isn’t the right word. I wrote this in the comfort of home. My husband was finally improving, I had a stocked fridge, my kids were happy(ish), and I knew that we’d emerge […]

Public Reaction to COVID: The 99%

Life and Mindfulness

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a positive covid test

“You have a better chance of winning the lottery than having a positive COVID test and being patient zero.” Me. Tuesday, March 10th was a lifetime away from the world we live in now. My husband had his usual daily grind in his office (he’s in healthcare), followed by coaching baseball and a run. I […]

A Positive COVID Test: Famous Last Words

Life and Mindfulness

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our experience with covid

I can’t believe that my first blog post on my new website is about our experience with COVID. Coronavirus? Covid? Covid-19? WRITING ABOUT COVID IS NOT HOW I PLANNED ON LAUNCHING MY NEW PRACTICE AND OFFICE. I should be sitting in my beautiful new office space in town. I want to water my plants and […]

It happened. Our Family Experience with COVID

Life and Mindfulness

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