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And I’m always looking for the quickest, simplest, and most delicious ways to use foods that support the gut. And these five easy recipes for greek yogurt give you the most bang for your investment in your body! There’s the physical health of your digestive tract and bacterial health, and both are equally important. Just […]

It’s like fall in a bowl! This Sweet Potatoes with Apples and Onions recipe includes 3 foods from my 10 Immune System Boosting Foods for Fall. Last week I had pork chops in my freezer and since I’m really trying hard not to waste food, I had to use them. With zero inspiration and not […]

I don’t even know how I can look myself in the mirror and call this turkey salad a recipe. But I’m doing it. I’m calling it a recipe and I’m whipping out my fancy new recipe card builder and making it official. I generally have all these ingredients in my fridge. So this turkey salad […]

I have no rules when it comes to what time of the day I eat what meal. Dinner for breakfast. Lunch for dinner. Breakfast for lunch. Who cares?!?! And this quick and easy breakfast salad is the perfect solution to a) time and b) a healthy meal. One of the first things I teach my […]

What’s for dinner? These 3 words can make or break me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pandemic or not: the first three words out of my nine-year-old son’s mouth every single day are usually: “What’s for dinner.” And it’s more of a statement than a question. Weekday. Weekend. Holiday. Quarantine. Doesn’t matter. His little […]

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