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When the kids were little, my husband and I competed in the “fun parent” games. You know, just a healthy little competition to find some balance between “get out of the knife drawer” and “let’s go for an amusement ride in the laundry basket!” Newsflash: I win. Because I totally nailed it with Dessert for […]

There are a few hash marks in my life timeline. The moments that create a hard line of “before” and “after.” Losing my dad is the deepest line. The whole year of 2020 will be another. But while these events imprinted a line of grief and sadness, figuring out my health and healing from gluten […]

The easiest and fastest way to sabotage your health goals is by not planning. For real people! I can’t emphasize the importance of knowing how to meal plan enough and knowing how to do it for your specific situation (working out of the house, from home, kids, cooking experience), especially in those early days of […]

This year the COVID has us all on lockdown here in NJ and thinking differently about summer. But at the very least, a day away from home is in the works because the walls are closin’ in. And since no one here is taking a cross-ocean flight any time soon… I’m gearing you up for […]

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