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It's time to nourish your body for a more vibrant life

Gut healthy

The 4 week online course with proven food and lifestyle foundations to help increase your energy, decrease inflammation, and connect you to your body's wisdom.

making changes to your health is hard. especially when it comes to food.

Up until now, you've likely struggled with one or two low key physical symptoms, and considered weight to be one of them. It's ingrained in you to measure the status of your health with the number on the scale. 

You've tried to "eat healthy." Binged on exercise programs. But they aren't sustainable long term. And most of the time it's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole - they just don't fit into your life, whether because of time constraints, every day stress, or it's simple not an enjoyable way to live.

Gut Healthy takes a different approach. I teach you how your brain, digestive system, and immune system are connected. Once you understand your "why", you'll feel empowered to make changes based on your unique needs. 

there was a time in my life when i felt like my body was rebelling against me and i didn't know why

but i learned it's never just one thing

I'd struggled for years with my health. Visit after visit to every specialist only increased my frustration. There was never a clear answer to why I felt so sick all the time. I suffered from digestive pain and far reaching symptoms like migraine headaches, balance issues, and numbness and tingling throughout my body.

My life changed when I began supporting my gut. At first I thought it was all about what I didn't eat. But I realized through my education, research, and working with clients that it has everything to do with how I nourish myself. And not only through food - but exercise, rest, and  stress.

What if you could have...


more energy, less midday slumps


predictable and easy digestion


a simple routine for life

There's no end point in your health journey. No time where you'll suddenly throw your arms up declaring "I'm healthy!" and never have to work on it another day again. Because life happens. You get busy, or sick, or bored. You need foundational tools that will work with your body, and your life, so you can ebb and flow with whatever's thrown your way. The foundational education in Gut Healthy will give you the tools you need to feel better than you ever have, long term.

cut through the chaos of wellness info overload?

are you ready to

What makes the Gut Healthy Course different is that the goal of the program is for you to use the education I provide to listen to what your body is telling you, then for you create a way of eating and living that feels good to you! No two clients will follow the exact same plan.

I'll break the information down and provide self assessments and checklists for you to see where you're starting, and fill in gaps in your nutrition, rest, exercise, and stress management to get you where you want to be. 

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Gut Healthy

The 4 week online course to learn how to nourish your body for a more vibrant life

Gut Healthy is a foundational course designed to teach you how your body works, and then how to listen to it. 

Starting with mindset and education, you'll learn how to undo some of the diet culture ideals intwined in how you define "healthy" as well as the well studied connection between your mind and body.

Video modules. handouts, and self assessments provide the support you need to implement nutrition to support your digestive health, understand the importance of digestive and physical rest, explore different exercises, and find ease moving from stressed out to restored.

curious how you can be a healthier you, with ease?

are you ready to learn how to listen?

your body is speaking to you

Those subtle symptoms you have of bloat, headaches, low energy, and not feeling like yourself are all ways your body is saying: "I need attention." Something is imbalanced and needs your support. But you're busy and occupied, and there's so much noise. All the stresses of life, moving from one thing to the next with little to no rest. There will never be a perfect time. You have to learn how to slow down and hear what your body is telling you now. And I can show you how in just 4 weeks.

Gut healthy is a carefully curated 4 week program

This is often where the biggest breakthrough in your health comes from. Learn what "healthy" really looks like, the link between your gut and immune system, and why food and lifestyle are the most modifiable factors in wellness.

Course videos and modules include:

Module 1: Creating a fresh mindset

You'll understand how your digestive system functions from beginning to end, as well as address some of the most common imbalances. The gut-brain-immune connection will be introduced as the key to long term success. 

Module 2: learning about your gut

What foods nourish your digestive system and encourage natural detoxification? You'll have a solid foundation to build on when it comes to supporting your overall health using food. 

Module 3: gut healthy nutrition

We'll dig into why you're hopping on and off an exercise routine, and how to make movement something that's fun (and lasts!). And rest is when the body renews itself. You'll learn the importance of physical and digestive rest. 

Module 4: exercise and rest

Sometimes, stress is unavoidable. But there's value in easily moving your body from fight or flight into rest and digest. We'll talk about all the ways you can start to practice that ebb and flow.

Module 5: stress managment

Now that you have the foundations to support a healthy body, you can move forward in an authentic way. I'll teach you how to start listening to your body, stay consistent, and integrate wellness into a realistic and fulfilling lifestyle.

Module 6: listen to your gut

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assessments + guides

group q&a call

Each week you'll receive a recipe guide packed with breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners focusing on one of the gut healthy nutrition foundations.

As you go along, you'll answer short journal prompts, take a before and after self assessment, look at where your current food and lifestyle, and begin creating a plan.

This hour long zoom call is where you can share your experiences with the program and ask questions as it relates to the course material.

you'll also recieve

A shift in your mindset about food and your body.

what does gut healthy look like?

More energy, less inflammation, less bloat, and balanced hormones.



here are real results from the course:

In sync with your daily food and lifestyle habits.


A relatable wellness plan that's easy to implement long term.


Better quality of life and connection to yourself and the world around you


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Client success stories

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This journey hit all the marks! Highly recommend taking 'Gut Healthy' for anyone looking to shift their mindset on food and their body. Every module was relatable. The simple changes and adjustments have made such a difference in the way I feel about food. I don’t know what I weigh AND it doesn’t matter. Why? Because I feel really freakin’ good now! Energy is up, inflammation is down, my body just feels balanced! And if I have a slip up and a symptom creeps back, I have the knowledge now to know why. This course changed the way I think about food and more importantly gave me the tools to make slight modifications to move me towards my long term goals. A solid foundation for just about any individual.

— Lisa

I originally signed up to learn more about gut health to support family members struggling with GI issues but ended up also shifting my whole mindset about my own gut health! Liz’s mini lessons and supporting materials were comprehensive, fun to engage with and jam packed with so much wisdom. On top of that it was clear she was really speaking to each of us and attending to our needs. Her energetic presence, inclusive teaching and down-to-earth approach is so impactful. Win-Win!!!

— Sheryl

This      for you if:

you want long term health habits

you're looking for quick weight loss

you love (or want to!) love food

you're a strict vegan/vegetarian

you're ready to invest in yourself

It's probably       for you if...

you're not interested in mind-body



It's probably
for you if...

The Investment

The gut healthy course includes:

Food lists
supplement list
60 minute group call

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I'll guarantee change in how youf feel

Positive changes in your health take time, commitment and consistency. The Gut Healthy Course is a foundational course created to teach you how to use food, exercise, rest and stress management to support your body.

In keeping with my commitment to each and every client, if after completing all of the Gut Healthy Course Modules and participating in the group Q&A call you're not happy with course, please reach out to me directly.

it's 3 easy steps:

1: Watch the recorded modules

2: Assess and implement

3: feel more vibrant

gut healthy

ready for a healthy lifestyle that sticks?

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