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I'm a nutritional therapy practitioner and mindful eating coach who's mission is to make good health accessible to everyone. I'm a foodie, reader, podcast junkie, family adventurer, and expert chocolate chip cookie baker. 

Hey, I'm liz.

What is Nutritional Therapy

nutritional therapy

What is Nutritional Therapy? Sugar-free? Plant-based? Paleo? Alkaline? Carnivore? Keto? Low Carb? Calorie cutting? “Eating clean?” 

I could make an argument for and against all of these. They aren’t it.

I believe the #1 thing you have wrong in nutrition and wellness is thinking it needs to be one diet, and that one diet needs to be done perfectly.

That if you start something, it has to be “just so” to be successful.

You don’t start. You’re overwhelmed. You sit on your phone late at night, googling symptoms and supplements, wondering how to cure whatever is ailing you. And you’re worried that you’ll never feel normal, or healthy, or lose the weight you so desperately want.

Maybe you’ve tried what you thought was the right diet and eating healthy.

You cut out all the carbs. Drank your morning green smoothie and took all your “holistic” supplements. And at one point you went sugar-free and found yourself ridden with guilt when you ate that first bite of sweetness afterward.

And in the worst cases, you’ve been to your primary care doctor. Spent hours waiting in specialist offices. You’ve had countless vials of blood drawn, and endured scary medical testing that resulted in “normal” when you so desperately wanted answers to your symptoms. Maybe you’re recovering from a severe illness and still just not feeling “good.”

The bottom line is, you’re frustrated.

You’re even skeptical now, thinking: what special magic wand does this lady have?

I hear you.

And I have excellent news for you.

I specialize in frustration. In fact, the more you’ve tried and the more frustrated you are, the more I want to work with you!

I also like the challenge of skepticism because I let the results prove the power of food and wellness.

I’m a holistic nutritional therapy master and a certified gluten-free practitioner.

Don’t let the latter credential scare you. Please stay! I promise gluten-free practitioners don’t bite (anything with wheat). And they don’t make every single client go gluten-free (although we sneak low gluten in there by default.)

But I’m a total master, ha. (Such a funny name for my degree, but indeed, that’s what it is.)

So what do I even do?

It’s important first to tell you what I don’t do.

I don’t diagnose conditions or diseases, claim to treat or cure conditions or diseases, or claim to be a registered dietitian or nutritionist. Although “therapy” is in the name, in the state of NJ, I can’t claim to be therapeutically treating anyone for anything.

(I’m required by law to say all that.)

I also don’t give you a million supplements. Or think you have to be vegetarian to be healthy. I don’t do “cleanses” that promise quick results or weight loss.

You can’t out supplement your diet. Nutritional therapy has everything to do with looking at a person as a whole and finding root causes, not just eating your vegetables. And if you’re eating well for your body, it should naturally detox and cleanse itself.

Most importantly: you don’t have to eat “one perfect diet” all the time. It’s not about being 100% “clean” for life. Take that pressure off yourself.

Holistic nutritional therapy is a practice in balance.

And there’s one place we look to rebalance first: the gut.

Why the gut and why nutritional therapy?

If… The Immune System’s first line of defense is

  • Skin
  • Mucous Membranes
  • Friendly Bacteria
  • Stomach Acid

And… The Digestive System is lined with

  • Mucous membranes
  • Friendly bacteria
  • Stomach Acid

Then… Food must be the most modifiable thing we can do for our immune system.

It seems too simple, right?

I realize it’s way more complicated than this, and some well-trained and well-respected physician is cringing at my simplicity. I’m not discounting anyone’s expertise because the immune system is incredibly complex.

But 70% of your immune system lives in your gut.


That’s a lot of freaking immune system there, where your food goes.

So imagine this.

If the first line of immune defense is the mucous membranes, friendly bacteria, and stomach acid in the digestive tract. And if you were to remove whatever it is in your diet or lifestyle that’s damaging the mucosal layer of your digestive tract, then rebalance your friendly bacteria, and promote the proper amount of stomach acid to digest your food.

All while adding foods that support all the body systems.

Wouldn’t your immune system naturally be less overwhelmed and able to work better?

With food. Because that’s what passed through the digestive tract.

Think about when you’re overwhelmed, and stuff is flying at you from all directions. Work, school, house, kids, coronavirus, fears, questions, ideas, hopes, sleep, deadlines, finances.

Too many tabs open in the brain at once.

When we can close a tab, there’s a sense of relief.

We have to close some of the tabs open in your digestive tract. The 70% need to feel supported to work effectively. It can’t function as a total stress case.

With a well supported immune system, then, and only then, can you work on your health goals.

So back to the #1 thing I think you get wrong in nutrition and wellness.

When you start looking at your food, emotions come up. You face a fear that if you start changing the food you eat, you’ll have to go in an extreme direction, a place of such a perfectly clean “holistic” diet, you might not want to give up that part of your life.

That’s what you see on Instagram, right? And Facebook. And the blogs. All those perfect meals and diets and bodies.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely advocate for eating well, and eating as many foods in their whole form as possible. And I truly believe that food is the best preventative medicine.

But I also believe in standing in line at the beach for good ice cream. And fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. The kind with sugar (GASP!)

I believe you can have both. You can identify the foods that are causing you frustrating health concerns and you can enjoy fun foods. Maybe with some new parameters. Maybe in a different way. And maybe less often, but in a more mindful way that you truly enjoy.

I work hard at keeping the process real and realistic for my nutrition therapy clients.

During our time together I teach you how to use your body’s own wisdom to identify the foods that are not supporting you, remove them, and add in foods that will create balance. For life. Not a short term fad. But a long term way of eating.

There’s no curing or treatment.

We start with the gut and start supporting the body to work exactly as it should. With a few other tweaks and strategies, depending on your current health, the rest begins to fall into place.

Part of my process is getting to know you as a person. You aren’t just “someone suffering relenting symptoms who needs a special diet.”

You’re more than that. You have a story.

You’ve got a family history of vulnerable genetics. Your stresses are different, and how you respond to stress is unique. What you enjoy doing, what motivates you to move, and how committed you are to specific lifestyle changes are all uniquely yours.

Not to mention, you’re a human with taste buds! Food should taste good to you. Why would you follow a nutrition plan full of foods you don’t enjoy? You wouldn’t.

(Although, FYI, oftentimes, your taste buds change and you end up enjoying foods you never thought you would.)

A Lifestyle Nutrition Plan is going to address five things

  • Education
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Supplements
  • Balance

You’ll never make a change without understanding “why”.

I won’t lie. There are times I’ll need to remove things from your diet. But I promise we’ll also be replacing foods. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to be successful. And I’ll walk beside you in the process.

I don’t put anything in your plan that I don’t believe will help you in the long run, or that I don’t think you can do.

Nutritional Therapy: The Process

Nutritional Therapy is a logical, step by step process created specifically for you, and every client begins the same way: A food journal and a client intake questionnaire.

Why the food journal?

First, I’ve never had anyone do a food journal and say “well, that was a waste of time.” It creates awareness and that’s the first step in wellness and learning your body.

I’m not looking to judge the amount of wine you drink or the chips you ate last night. I’m looking for patterns in food and feelings of wellness or unwellness, to see what you like to eat, when you like to eat, how I can create a plan that mimics your preferences, and with just enough changes to create maximum results.

From there you’ve got some options

Looking for general wellness analysis and recommendations? Or just want to dip your toe in and see what it’s about? Work with me for a general wellness foundation plan.

Need a little more accountability, or more attention to specific health goals? Follow up sessions would be a better option to receive more attention and time.

And if you’ve been diagnosed with a condition or disease (not by me!) and want to integrate holistic support, or you’ve been suffering from concerning symptoms long term, we can work as long as you need to provide you with the most one on one contact and support.

With most everyone, feeling good is addictive. The better you feel, the more supportive foods you want to eat. And then it spills over into mental health, exercise, and other aspects of your life.

One healthy decision leads to another.

Not ready to commit? Hang out and get to know me better! Sign up for my newsletter (to the right). Read my blog. Follow me on social media. Feel me out as a person and a practitioner. You need to love who you work with! 

Ready to feel good again? Schedule a free consultation

Don’t google any more symptoms or fad diets. And don’t wait until next month, next week, or next year.

I want to hear your story today.


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Gut Health

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I'm a nutritional therapy practitioner and mindful eating coach who's mission is to make good health accessible to everyone. I'm a foodie, reader, podcast junkie, family adventurer, and expert chocolate chip cookie baker. 

Hey, I'm Liz.

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