Do your clients need more support than you can give?

Do you wish you had more time to educate and support them on creating healthy habits?
You know sleep hygiene, nourishment, movement, and stress management skills would benefit their long term mental and physical health resiliency. And even though they're well cared for by you, you can see their frustration and health suffering from years of stress. You want to see them find a positive and peaceful way to take care of their body.

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The core work of a health coach is to implement a client centered approach to behavior change. It's not enough to know to do, but a client needs to feel empowered to take action.


Support and Accountability

Health coaching requires mindful presence, clear communication, building self awareness, and providing a safe space for client accountability and transformation.

Why a health coaching partnership works: 

Exponential Outcomes

We'll work on the client's vision and how your recommendations in combination with my holistic health assessment can be implemented for consistent, long term emotional and physical resiliency.

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    SMART Goals

    Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. I refer to the action steps after setting a SMART goal as "the next first step." I'll help your client break their vision down into goals, and their goals into steps. We'll work through their values conflicts and other barriers of change, and I encourage them to be accountable to only one person: themselves. By requiring a six month commitment to work together, the client establishes foundations they can rely on long term. 


    Your work with your client will influence the vision they have for their mental and physical health. Once she sees her current strengths, she can expand her habits. I'll help your client create a long term vision that includes their perspective, connections, nourishment, strength, contribution, attention, and rest. She'll be encouraged to create a clear and detailed feel of her life and body. Once her vision is clearly defined, she'll choose her area of focus.

    Your client has unique strengths and barriers to change. They've suffered from traumatic events, diagnoses, and/or prolonged stress. My first goal in the coaching relationship is to build safety and trust to assess where the client is currently in their health. I do this through the Women's Health Assessment. The focus is always on bringing her attention to her strengths and the resources she already has to pull from in her healthy habits. Together, we create a path forward to fill in the gaps in her health and wellness.


    The health coaching process:

    Health Coaching 

    enhances ability to support health

    diagnose, treat, prevent, cure

    coaches from present, foward

    address past emotional pain

    implements therapeutic treatment

    Health Coaching 

    Prescribe therapeutic treatments



    A Health Coach

    increases curiosity and education

    order or interpret medical data

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    I work with women with a history of trauma or prolonged stress that now affects physical health. They struggle with weight gain or loss, low energy, chronic pain and inflammation, autoimmunity, cancer recovery, and hormonal imbalances. 

    Most women are under the care of a mental health professional or referred to one within our discovery call or coaching calls.

    The ideal candidate is curious and motivated to change their lifestyle, including nutrition, movement, rest, and relaxation techniques, but needs guidance and support to implement new healthy habits. 

    Who's a good candidate for a health coaching referral?