My symptoms ended when I learned how to show up for myself.

Something we aren't taught until it feels like it's too late. But given the opportunity, your body can heal and it's not too late.

I had to assess myself honesty. Authentically. And understand that while I can't change past experiences, or even forget about them (oh, how I've tried), I can create my own support system using tools I didn't even know existed (or already had.)  My health quickly followed.

Over a decade ago, I was sick, frustrated, and scared that I'd never feel "normal" again. I had IBS, chronic headaches, and a list of scary, undiagnosable symptoms.

Self advocacy and curiosity Changed my life.

Morning workout, dark chocolate chips, telling my dog how handsome he is, chatting with my husband through the day, convos with my kids

daily rituals

Coaching clients, taking a class, watching my kids sports, planning a trip, finding a recipe, introverting, reading, podcasting


One size fits all wellness, body size as an example or health measure, closed minded conversation, running


Empathy, education, expansive health visions, you being the expert of your body, attainable goals, humor, open curiosity


That new feeling I had was empowerment, and it's addicting.

Through my education and personal experience, I've learned first hand how physical and mental health are fully integrated. The root cause is stress and trauma, but the result is blood sugar imbalances, digestive issues, poor immunity, increased inflammation, and hormonal imbalances

I  teach you how to stop outsourcing your power and listen to your own body. You'll learn how to shift your mindset and nourish yourself fully, rest better, find movement that feels good, connect and contribute to the world around you, and look in the mirror and love the woman you see.

My passion is helping you learn how your mind and body are connected. To teach you to be curious, build on your strengths, learn new skills, and feel empowered in your body.

While trying to find a moment of physical relief, I found so much more: not only were my symptoms gone when I began eating differently, but I engaged in life with energy and intention, something I'd never experienced. My mind was clear, Iwanted to move my body more, and for the first time, I was in the drivers seat of my body. 

Education & Affiliations

Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

National Association for Nutrition Professionals

Nutritional Therapy practitioner

Nutritional Therapy Institute

Classical Yoga Teacher Ryt 200

Kashi Atlanta

certified health + wellness coach

Integrative Women's Health Institute

professional membership

National Association for Nutrition Professionals

Her ability to really listen to me (and hear me) made it easy to work with her and laugh through the hard times and cheer through our set goals.


so they say:

Join me in my single podcast episode where I take you on my own health journey as I taoked in the mirror one day and couldn't recognize the woman I'd become. You'll learn about my word of the year, how I'm practicing it now, and the process that led me here - the same process I take my clients through.

Wellness is more than just one thing.

And no longer recognized yourself.

What would you do if you looked in the mirror...

let's work together

If you have hesitations, questions, or a unique challenge you're navigating, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly. My inbox is always open and I love connecting with you. 
It takes time and communication to move from that stuck feeling, to a peaceful, easy, and authentic healthy lifestyle.

the coaching relationship is built on trust.