nourish your body

(... and thrive again)

making changes to your food and lifestyle is overwhelming

but you'll be empowered
by your "why"

If you're anything like I was, you don't know where to start. You need someone to show you what works and how to get there. Because if you know why you're making certain food and lifestyle changes, you'll stick to it. Nutritional Therapy is a holistic practice, meaning we get to the root cause of your body's imbalances. Around here, that's your gut. I teach you how to use food, exercise, rest, and stress management as your foundations to wellness.

All of my programs begin with education on the brain, gut, and immune system connection. 

After that you'll begin filling your wellness toolbox. The result is more energy, better sleep, less pain, decreased frequency of headaches, regular digestion, less bloat, balanced hormones, clearer skin, hair regrowth, and so much more. 

1:1 counseling

90 Day Gut Healthy Intensive

I've worked with clients who simply want to improve their everyday health, to those with advanced autoimmune conditions, and everywhere in between. Working with me one on one offers you more personal attention, support, and accountability. And building lasting foundations takes time. Which is why I've created this 3 month program to firmly establish your connection to yourself.

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Group program

4 week gut healthy online course

This course if the culmination of all the hard work my one on one clients have put in! Through our work together, my expertise, and their experiences, I created a four week educational program that connects the dots between your brain, gut, and immune system. Not only will you walk away with all the tools you need to support your health, but you'll connect with other members just like you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure if I'd be better off with 1:1 or a group program?

I get it. Investing in yourself can be intimidating! Especially your health. Which is why I offer a complimentary consultation for my clients. Click here to apply to work with me. You'll receive a follow up email with next steps to sign up for your consultation.

How long does each coaching package last?

The Gut Healthy Course is a 4 week program, including 1 group call. You'll have access to the course modules and support material for the life of the program. The Gut Healthy Intensive is a 90 commitment, with the opportunity to extend when necessary.

What does a gut healthy diet look like?

No two clients will walk away from me eating the same way! A diet that supports the gut includes some foundational elements. But more importantly, it requires you to create the way of eating that you love so it lasts. No restricting, measuring, or counting required.

can i work with you in conjunction with my healthcare provider?

Yes! As a holistic nutrition professional, I'm not curing, treating, or preventing and disease or condition. I've worked together with physicians, physical therapists, and clinical therapists to help their patients achieve exponential results.  

will i lose weight on your program?

None of my programs are weight loss programs. I don't measure the level of your success by the number on the scale, waste size, or any other external factor. Everything you learn and incorporate is meant to naturally balance your body, and long term that includes weight management, which should feel natural and sustainable.